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Femme Focus: Week of 6/22/15 ~ Justice

Our Feminine Focus this week is Justice, symbolized by the Egyptian Goddess, Maat.

If you’re not familiar with the mythology of Maat, the story goes that when people died they would be met by Maat who held a feather in one scale and the person’s heart in another. The spirit could pass to heaven if it’s heart wasn’t heavier than the feather… but if it was heavier they would go to hell (to be exact they would be eaten by the Underworld Goddess Ahemait).

Femme Focus 6-22-15

So this week our focus is on JUSTICE…
– How can you be more fair to yourself or others? Are your standard to high or rigid? Can you be a little more forgiving or soft (like a feather?

– Has someone wronged you and you’re struggling with forgiving them because it’s just not fair what they did? Stay tuned because I have an article coming out soon on this topic, but in the meantime, just sit with why is it so hard to forgive them? Is there any way you can take one step towards forgiveness (note: this is not the same as acceptance)

– Do you have an inner mean girl who is judgmental to you? (Did you read my article this week on how to deal with judgment?)

– Do you have any debts that need to be repaid? Do you need to ask for forgiveness from anyone?

Maat also reminds us to be LIGHT HEARTED…

In order to get to heaven your heart would need to be lighter than a feather, so think about:

– What are you holding onto in your heart that’s weighing you down and making you feel heavy?

– What are you ready to let go of from your past?

– How can you embrace a light hearted spirit?

– What are you trying to control in your life that you really have no control over (clue: what do you worry about happening that you have no control over)?


I’d love to hear from you on how you’re embracing the spirit of justice and light heartedness this week! Send me an email at or post in the comments below.


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