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Are you scared to try something new?

I’ve always been infatuated with gorgeous paper & calligraphy.

So much so that, during my wedding planning, I spent more time selecting my invitations than choosing a dress, venue, caterer, and honeymoon destination.

My husband wanted to send me to paper rehab.

As a child, I had a fleeting brush with calligraphy. I can remember getting my first calligraphy set, setting out all the supplies, and spending hours trying to sketch the perfect ampersand.

Turns out, I wasn’t so great at my favorite thing on Earth. As a penmanship flunker in grade school, calligraphy was quite possibly the worst hobby I could have chosen.

So, I quit.

Now, as an adult with still-terrible penmanship, one of my favorite things to do is send handwritten notes to people in my life.

But, I outwardly cringe every time I soil my gorgeous Kate Spade stationery with my chicken scratch handwriting.

Unable to deal any longer, I decided to revisit my passion for Calligraphy, and enroll in a local class.

During my first class, it was abundantly clear that not only did my classmates have perfect penmanship, they were also freaking artists. Like, for a living.

My childhood calligraphy epic fail came rushing back. Suddenly, I was trapped in my 10-year-old self, shouting: “you suck, Silvana!”

But I pressed on. And before I knew it, I began to enjoy my time in class and actually feel powerful, despite my shortcomings. Sure, I am literally the worst calligrapher in class. But that leaves oceans of room for improvement. Each class, I step out with more and more confidence. I even received some compliments from classmates, which feels totally impressive coming from legit, working artists.

This is a picture of my handiwork that I snapped during my last calligraphy class… not bad for being the worst eh? Is it perfect? No. But I’m not going for perfection. I just want to be me — fancy gold ink and all.

Maybe you’ve wanted to try something new. 

Like Yoga. Art. Pole Dancing. Pick your poison.

But, you’re terrified. Terrified to be the worst one in the room.

As a current “worst one in the room” I can tell you that you reap massive benefits by stepping out of your comfort zone.

Being the worst opens up magical possibilities for growth, improvement, and insane levels of confidence that bleed into other areas of your life.

Here’s what I want you to do.

Choose one thing you’ve always wanted to try.

And, just do it.

Because being the worst, is actually the best thing that can happen to you.


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