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Charm School Home Study

Charm School with Silvana Perelli

Charm School

Are you completely consumed by secret thoughts?

Charm School

Thoughts like…

“I’m so overwhelmed by my new role as wife and feeling like I’m losing myself. How do I balance this emotional new phase in my life and lose those extra pounds?”

Is love really possible at my age? I never saw myself as a divorcee and here I am, extra pounds and all. Who would want to date me? ”

“What they say is true – having a baby is exhausting. I can’t even think about getting showered on a daily basis let alone losing the baby weight. I’m losing touch with the person I used to be and feel guilty for wanting my old life.”

“I’m miserable in my career but there’s no way I could interview for a new position / industry/ promotion with this extra weight. No one would want to hire a fatty like me.”

“I’ve lost many friends. I’ve turned down invites to drinks or parties so many times people have stopped asking. I want to make new friends and try out some new hobbies but I’m embarrassed by the way I look to try.”

If this rings true for you, I’ve got marvelous news.

You’re cordially invited to…

An experience that you’ll feel totally confident to show up to…
regardless of how you feel about your body right now…

Charm School Home Study with Silvana Perelli

Charm School Home Study is an indulgent experience where you’ll stop harboring secrets that eat away at your confidence & self-esteem and begin curating the life you desire, and deserve.

It’s kind of like heading back to school, except the entire day feels like recess.

My mission is to guide and inspire you to infuse your life with charm and elegance, and to support you as you build your confidence so that you can navigate through life’s challenges and transitions with style and grace.

Charm School is NOT another diet or cleanse that you follow for a few weeks until you’re so hangry (hungry + angry) you throw in the towel.

My goal for you is not to get you to fit into size 4 jeans…

My goal is to help you create a charmed life that you’re in love with, regardless of what size you wear, and to help you feel like “the real you” again.

Charm School teaches you a new way of life and a new way to be fully comfortable in your own skin.
Losing weight is just one of the free bonuses.


  • You’re struggling with self-esteem or self-confidence
  • You’re ready to feel great in your body
  • How you look on the outside doesn’t reflect how you feel on the inside
  • You want to learn how to live a charmed life
  • You’re ready to embrace your femininity and treat yourself to something special
  • Losing weight without dieting (or trying) sounds amazing to you
Charm School

The Charm Philosophy

Why focus on charm to get the body and life you want?

When we stop letting our body run the show, and start focusing on creating a charmed life, judgment and shame melts away – creating space for confidence, connection, and a charming existence.

A charmed life is not about privilege, or luck.

A charmed life is about living in alignment with your soul, savoring experiences, nourishing your body, and infusing charm into each moment.


Charming Results

After attending Charm School you will:

:: Feel like what you look like on the outside matches how you feel in the inside

:: Stop cringing in the mirror and finally love what you see (no matter what size you are)

:: Stop shying away from photos

:: Go to parties and social events dripping with confidence and grace

:: Enjoy food without the guilt

:: Try new things, confidently

:: Feel less stressed and more passionate

:: Know how to create a luxurious life even if you’re on a budget

:: End the judgment and shame you feel from others

:: No longer feel alone

:: Stop suffering through diets and fads to reach your “goal weight”


A Charming Curriculum

Click on the + sign below to learn more about each lesson in the Core Curriculum.

LESSON 1: The Art of Desire: Graceful Visioning and Unveiling Your Desires
LESSON 2: The Art of Self-Love: Courting your Body So You’ll Adore Every Curve
LESSON 3: The Art of Dining: Beautiful Food & Elegant Dining... even if it's just for one!
LESSON 4:The Art of Style: Discovering Your Chic Allure + Personal Style
LESSON 5: The Art of Homemaking: Elegant Everyday Styling
LESSON 6: The Art of Confidence: Cultivating Confidence at Any Size


Directions to Class

Charm School takes place online so you can access the classroom 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

The minute you enroll, you’ll immediately get access to the entire program (because a lady should never have to wait!)

You may complete Charm School at your own pace – leisurely over steamy cups of tea or binging all at once, like 6 seasons of Gossip Girl. You choose.

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Charm School

Meet Silvana
Silvana Perelli host of Charm School

Your Hostess, the Headmistress of Charm School

Silvana Perelli is a Life Stylist and Weight Loss Coach for women who have unsuccessfully tried counting calories, juice cleanses, or any other diet on the market and are ready to stop fighting their bodies. She’s also a Qoya Teacher.

Her advice has been featured on the Huffington Post and First Magazine for Women.

Silvana is certified as a Holistic Health Coach by the Teacher’s College at Columbia University and is a certified Transformational Coaching Method Coach. She was trained by Dr. Sarah Gottfried in the Hormone Cure and has been helping women heal from emotional eating since she graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2007.

Drawing on this training and her own experience healing emotional eating, she helps her clients create a completely personalized and chic approach to weight loss that suits their unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

Silvana lives in Connecticut with her husband, dog, and 3 cats. When she’s not teaching women the Art of Being a Woman, you can find her getting pampered at the spa, indulging in tea and macaroons, or dancing in the kitchen.

You can visit Silvana in her virtual playground to get free inspiration and learn more about the art of being a woman. Just click here.


Charming Visiting Teachers

Silvana carefully selected the following Visiting Teachers to help supplement the Core Curriculum with bonus lessons and expert tips.

Fox Yaguareté Pickett

Fox Yaguareté Pickett is a contemporary shaman, bringing animal medicine to those craving a more soul-aligned, wild life. Through power animal retrieval, shamanic mentorship, and experiential learning in her online Wild Playground, people around the world have remembered and unleashed their true natures. You can find her online at and


Becca Piastrelli

Becca is the woman behind The Dabblist, and she believes in the practice of working with your hands. You can often find her in her kitchen, crafting her own beauty and skincare products – everything from deodorant to lip balm.

Dr. Deb Kern

Deb Kern, Ph.D. is a teacher of vision, a sought-after intuitive guide, health scientist, author and speaker. She dares people to live in harmony with the wisdom of their bodies. This conviction was inspired by her pioneering research showing that mind/body integrated approaches to exercise are more effective at reducing anxiety than conventional approaches to exercise. She shares her many modalities of healing and insight with women of all ages in her retreats and workshops, and offers one-on-one Divine Your Life sessions with true soul seekers from all over the world. Connect with Dr. Deb Kern at

Dr Deb.jpg


Melissa Hoffman

Melissa Hoffmann is a Makeup and Hair Artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She left behind a career in Pharmaceutical Sales to pursue her passion of beauty. Melissa’s mission in life is to empower women to feel beautiful and confident every day by teaching them how to do their makeup and hair. Her beauty style is to enhance a woman’s natural beauty so she looks like the best version of herself. Besides offering her Signature Makeovers, Melissa also does hair and makeup for branding photo shoots, live events and special occasions. Melissa has been featured in Mind Body Green, Style Me Pretty,, 100 Layer Cakes, Verily Magazine, and Once Wed.

Rachael Helschein

Rachael Helschein is the founder of Wild Soul Wellness, an Earth-based empowerment revolution for modern superwomen. Like Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, she believes the western woman will save the world. Women and girls become embodied leaders of positive change in the world when they return to the wild and soulful power of nature. Living in accordance with the principles of holism, ecology, and the ways of the sacred feminine, women can reawaken their greatest potential. As a women’s empowerment mentor, nature guide, oracle, and yogini, Rachael brings a fresh yet timeless approach to guiding women back to their wild.


Jessica Drummond

Jessica Drummond, MPT, CCN, CHC, the Founder and CEO of the Integrative Women’s Health Institute is passionate about caring for and empowering women who struggle with women’s and pelvic health conditions. She is equally passionate about educating and supporting clinicians in confidently and safely using integrative tools to transform women’s and pelvic healthcare.

Melanie Kluger

Melanie Kluger is a personal stylist, blogger, confidence coach, closet connoisseur, and your new best friend.  She’s passionate about making women feel amazing in their clothes and their body.  According to Melanie you don’t need to lose those 15 pounds to feel good in that dress.  You just need to know how to accessorize it, buy the right size and wear it with pride.  It’s Melanie’s mission to help as many women as possible have wardrobes they love and she’s determined to make it happen! Her online closet course The Confident Closet is a 6 week online course to purge, organize, and build a wardrobe for confidence and personal style. When she’s not working her style magic, she’s playing with her daughter (the sweetest toddler on the block), her sassy Boston Terrier and amazing New Yorker hubs.  Obsessions include dance parties to pop music, navy and white stripes, girl time, and wine country.  For more from Melanie head to her blog

Melanie 2


The Decorista

The Decorista is an online interiors destination written & curated by interior designer Ashlina Kaposta. Here you will find a collection of interior inspirations, new trends in design, how to’s, style, business advice and everyday secrets to the art of living well.

Sahar Paz

Sahar Paz is a survivor and a change master, dedicated to transforming the lives of teens and women. As the Founder of Free Your Star Foundation, she has improved confidence, grades, and attendance of inner-city high school students. Her personal commitment to bettering the lives of of women continues in her work as a speaker, author, yoga instructor, and life coach. Sahar is the author of Find Your Voice: The Life You Crave is a Conversation Away, an incredible journey from self-preservation to self-discovery.



Chassie Bell

Chassie Bell is a Healthy Foodie and Nutritional Ninja at Forkin’ Healthy. She’s a passionate home cook, nutritional ninja, avid instagrammer and wannabe urban farmer. Ultimately, her work is about helping you cook with confidence and eat foods that are delicious and healing so you feel absolutely amazing. She believes that eating well doesn’t have to be a chore and most importantly that you’re worth it.

Charming Bonuses

In addition to the Charm School Core Curriculum (over 70 Lessons!!) and 10 Visiting Teacher Lessons, you’ll receive these delightful Bonuses from Silvana. Click on the + sign below to learn more about each Bonus.

An Introduction to the Charmed Life
The Charm School Cookbook
The Charm School Beauty Guide
The Charm School Pleasurable Movement Guide


Your Tuition Includes
  • 70 Charm School Lessons delivered in beautifully designed workbooks ($5,000 value)
  • 10 Bonus Lessons from Expert Visiting Teachers ($3,000 value)
  • The Charm School Cookbook ($500 value)
  • The Charm School Beauty Guide ($500 value)
  • The Charm School Movement Guide ($500 value)



Your Charm School investment is only $149.

That’s a lifetime of happiness for the price of one massage.

Enroll in Charm School Now!



Testimonial for Silvana Perelli from Sarah Jenks“Silvana is a power of example for us all. She’s walked the path of struggling with food and body which makes her an extremely effective and relatable coach. Silvana is warm, funny, honest and incredibly intuitive. She’s one of the few emotional eating experts I would send my closest friends to in a heartbeat.”

Sarah Jenks :: San Francisco, CA 
Live More, Weigh Less ::


Testimonial for Silvana Perelli from Tonya Leigh“Elegant, sophisticated and feminine are the 3 words that come to mind when I think of Silvana. If you want to cultivate a life of pleasure and passion, she is the lady for you! Just being in her presence inspires women to elevate the quality of their lives. From how you live your life to how you sip your tea, Silvana is the mistress of all things exquisite.”

Tonya Leigh :: Durango, CO 
French Kiss Life, Inc. ::


“I have found Silvana to be the very best kind of mentor, one who truly, deeply cares about her clients. She lovingly, but firmly, holds me to a higher standard. She encourages me to see the best in myself and strive for that, while celebrating the positive along the way. I feel totally confident placing my trust in her and encourage you to do the same – you will not regret it!”

Beth Chen :: Ann Arbor, MI 


Jessica Drummond“Silvana curates every experience for each individual woman to feel confident, comfortable, and adventurous all at the same time – a recipe for being “charmed” for sure.  A few months ago, I attended a bra fitting experience that Silvana created. I came out of it laughing, very comfortable in my skin, and owning the best bra for me that I have ever bought. Don’t hesitate to work with Silvana to create your version of a “Charmed Life”. She is a living example of your own personal Fairy Godmother.”

Jessica Drummond :: Houston, TX 
CEO, Integrative Women’s Health Institute


testimonial for Silvana Perelli and Charm School“Silvana quickly help me see through the overwhelm and put in place conditions to reduce stress in my life. It can be challenging to see what you need to do when you are standing in the thick of things. Silvana was able to expertly create clarity and made moving forward (and staying on track!) easy for me.”

Tara Crawford :: Maui, HI 


“I had the pleasure of attending one of Silvana’s luxurious retreats. I had such a wonderful time and felt I really connected with my femininity — a part of me that doesn’t get to play very often in my male-dominated corporate job. I felt so energized after the experience that I asked her to curate a special weekend retreat for a group of my closest girlfriends knowing it would be fun, feminine, and luxurious. It was that and so much more! I highly recommend working with Silvana if you have the chance. It feels more like play than work!”

Lacy O’Hara :: Austin, TX 


“Silvana gently leads you into your own world of luxury and elegance. She inspires with every charming gesture and each insight. Somehow she knows what you desire and supports you to coax your best self into being. Trust Silvana to marry Old World Charm with Modern Living. Choose to live your dream. Invite Silvana over for tea. Your life will change.”

Wilder Hart Hawk :: Charleston, SC 


“Working with Silvana helped me realize the cause of my emotional eating and what I could do to get back on track. She found the void I was trying to fill with food and how I could work past it. Silvana is very intuitive and has an uncanny ability to draw out the underlying obstacles to feeling happy and healthy. I highly recommend Silvana for any woman who is struggling with overeating or who wants to lose weight. She’s a wonderful coach who can show you the steps for sustainable weight loss.”

Dorian Romer :: New York, NY 


susan-ferraro“Silvana guides from the heart. She has been a huge source of support and inspiration in my own life and I have witnessed her advise others and make a difference in their lives as well. She is very insightful and direct in her approach, but also very kind. She has a way of naturally drawing you out of your shell to help you to realize your full potential. I highly recommend Silvana to anyone who has the chance to work with her. You will without a doubt get big results with her by your side.”

Susan Ferraro :: Philadelphia, PA 


amanda“As someone who has struggled with all aspects of eating disorders, emotional and physical, weight and body image I have always felt comfortable talking with and opening up to Silvana. Her holistic approach allows for openness and support and I would recommend anyone work with her.”

Amanda Bates :: Brooklyn, NY 


mary-sterk“Silvana embodies what the word “Charm” means – inspiring everyone around her to explore how to add more charm to their own lives. Women everywhere will leap forward in their own lives by learning from this oh-so-talented headmistress!”

Mary Sterk :: Sioux Falls, SD 
Artist, Just Mary Designs


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