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Charm School OLD




Charm School is your guide to living a charmed life. 

What would your life look like if you stopped waiting?

~ Waiting until you feel better in clothes

~ Waiting until you hit your goal weight

~ Waiting until you have the motivation to ask for what you want

~ Waiting for the “right time”

~ Waiting until everything feels “perfect”

Charm School is where you stop waiting for your life to happen
and start curating a body & love you worship.


In this 8-week feminine Finishing School, I’ll take you through a delectable journey to living a charmed life… right now.

Charm School is not an outdated program from the 1950s, where your only goal is to catch the right mate.

It’s about tapping into your feminine power & grace to get what you want.

Each week will reveal a modern twist on grace, sophistication & femininity. 

Do you want to learn the art of being a woman?

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  • Welcome to my playground! Belle Quaintrelle is a place for women who long to embody their truest selves. I've created this space to serve as a lifestyle guide and to provide inspiration for women to explore their style, body, and spirit in order to cultivate charmed lives. Learn more here.

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    Silvana quickly help me see through the overwhelm and put in place conditions to reduce stress in my life. It can be challenging to see what you need to do when you are standing in the thick of things. Silvana was able to expertly create clarity and made moving forward (and staying on track!) easy for me.
    Tara CrawfordMaui